About the Founders

Cris Citea

Cris Citea  has created and launched apps in the Apple and Android environment. Cris has demonstrated capabilities in the distribution and management information systems for ways to write code to make it easy and quick to write for multiple environments. His coding methodologies are also very neat and precise, enabling additional programmers as needed to quickly be onboarded and managed reliably. As a Developer he is open minded and utilizes agile coding methodologies. He is a front end developer and full stack developer and is an expert addition or lead developer to any programming team.


Alice Edwards

Alice Edwards is passionate about financial literacy, strategic living, and increasing the average happiness quotient. Her background includes a focus on working with tech, startup, internet and e-commerce companies including a celebrity social media company and a customer-based website with over 4 million members. Her management benchmarks include building a scalable financial and operational management systems to scale a start-up from first month earning revenue to seven-figure monthly revenue in less than 2 years. Alice has developed a flair for building teams and creating a positive energy throughout the workplace and helping get the best out of her co-workers and an ability to interface with everyone from programmers and IT staff to bookkeepers and CPAs. Her roles and titles have included VP of Finance, Controller, Treasurer, Shared Services lead, and more. Her particular specialty is gaining and understanding for where a company is struggling, working with constituents to identify areas of improvement to achieve success, and devising a strategic plan to accomplish agreed upon goals.